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Pride and Preventing Prejudice

This weekend, Kafico and our hometown of Brighton will be celebrating Pride. As an LGBTQ+ led company, this is an incredibly happy and exciting weekend

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Digitisation and Coercion

Empowering people is one of the laudable aims of the NHS Long Term Plan. These transformational strategies have been boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic which

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Consent and Power

Don’t Ask For Consent! I am often met with concerned faces or an intake of breath when I give customers this advice. There has long

Privacy in the Age of Alexa and Siri.

It was 2011 when Apple introduced the world to Siri, the helpful assistant on the iPhone who we all spent weeks asking fun questions like

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Joining the Team

I’m Maddy, I’m 24 and I’ve just finished my first month as Administrative Assistant at Kafico! If it isn’t obvious, I’ve never written a blog

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Remote Working and Team Building

Let’s talk remote working! Hybrid working definitely has its benefits it has to be said, but here at Kafico, we are also very aware that