Norfolk and Waveney Information Sharing Agreement

The PCN Network Contract DES Specification requires that GP practices have entered into the appropriate data sharing (and, if relevant data processor arrangements) from 1 July 2019.


Kafico have been discussing the need for a regional Information Sharing Agrement for quite some time .


The PCN requirements are a good prompt and so we have developed and circulated the Norfolk and Waveney Information Sharing Agreement for Norfolk customers’ comments and signature.


The document will act as an overarching agreement across the region, covering all information sharing for health and care purposes, under which specific projects will sit.


It prevents the constant signing of new agreements – where possible we will ask partners to sign this top level document and complete a brief level 2 document for the detail of the specific project.


This document is not to be confused with the Norfolk and Waveney Digital Care Record ISA which is a separate agreement due to different governance requirements.


For the purposes of the PCN, if we have all the GPs and Federation / Partnerships signed up to this document, Kafico will then develop PCN specific protocols to sit beneath it – i.e. for Extended Hours, Social Prescribing, PNC analytics and reports etc.


Over time, we will retire some of the existing ISAs to bring the projects under this single agreement but that part will take time.


A list of current signatories and the agreement itself can be located here

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