Privacy by Design

Our nerdy team includes privacy, IT and Information Security specialists.

We can support you to ensure that your software or technology brainchild has privacy covered so you can focus on doing what you do!

Designing systems and software with GDPR at heart is a legal requirement and we can help you to incorporate this from the first wire frame,  right through the product lifecycle.

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Our team of Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialists can partner with you through development, testing, deployment and monitoring. 

Evidencing promotion of privacy through an ongoing consideration of human oversight, accuracy, explainability, transparency, bias, discrimination and autonomy can ensure a smooth route to market and engender trust from customers and the public.

Our team document the assessment of authentication, hosted storage, vulnerability management and audit capabilities so they align with international best practice, domestic legislation and the various public technology frameworks in place.

We develop FAQs and Security Papers (for healthcare technology customers, this includes supporting with DTAC) for customers of all sizes and maturities so that their stakeholders can obtain the assurance they require.

Lara Mott

CEO & Co-founder, ImproveWell LTD

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"Kafico combines expert knowledge with a flexible, tailored approach which is invaluable for small companies such as ours. Working with Kafico allows us to focus on what we do best, safe in the knowledge that our policies and procedures are up to industry standards. Above all, Kafico brings a personal touch to the work and are a pleasure to work with.”