Remote Working and Team Building

Let’s talk remote working!

Hybrid working definitely has its benefits it has to be said, but here at Kafico, we are also very aware that it can sometimes lead to loneliness and isolation. Forbes describe the increased stress and impact on career progression.

Our solution? Quarterly Team Days!


On Friday 6th May, just in time for Mental Health Week (from Monday 9th), the Kafico team came from far and wide to spend the day together in our Brighton office.

It was a lovely day full of interesting presentations from each member of the team about their individual work streams, lots of snacks, and of course an early finish and trip to the pub in the lovely May sunshine!

Some personal highlights were the interactive learning from Jeff, our Information Security Consultant (getting us up off our seats and exchanging keys and locks to demonstrate encryption), lots of interesting tales of Data Protection incidents from Hannah, our Data Protection Consultant (and her unflappable responses), an exciting insight into direction for Kafico in the next quarter from our Managing Director Emma, and a lovely chance to celebrate our Project Coordinator Chris, and his achievement of PDP Formal GDPR Training!

All in all, a fantastic day with the team!

Can’t believe on our next team day we will be joined by not only two new employees, but also our lovely clients!

Watch this space for updates on how you can attend!


Kafico Team Coordinator

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